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Norwegian Seafood Supply
The World's Finest Seafood
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Frozen Sea Food Available.  Frozen King Crabs, Frozen Lobsters, Frozen Prowns, Live King Crabs, Frozen King Crab Legs, Alaskan Pollock, Frozen Shrimps, Live / Frozen Geoduck Clam, Different Types Of Frozen Fish
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Shipping Information

Our Seafoods

                                           gives you the opportunity to

buy fresh seafood

and have it shipped directly to your door...straight from the top fishing boats & fish processors.
      Norwegian Seafood AS specializes in various kinds of 

seafood and fish from Norway

/ Canada and around the World
      This Group is made up of 4 companies well established over the main fishing grounds in the world.

Frozen / Live Dungeness Crabs
Dungeness Crab Legs & claws

Frozen / Live Snows Crabs
Broken Snow Crab (Pieces)

Frozen / Live Red/ Shrimps/ White Prawns
Frozen Alaskan Pollock Fillets
Frozen Chilean Langostino Tail

Live / Frozen
Geoduck Clam

frozen sashimi grade salmon

Fresh / Frozen

Dried / Frozen

Fresh / Frozen
Atlantic Mackerel
Frozen / Live Red/
White Prawns

Frozen / Live Red /
Alaskan King Crabs

Frozen King Crab Legs /
frozen King Crab Claws

Jumbo Maine Lobster
Tails, 12-14 oz
Frozen Fish And Fillets
Of Different Fish Types

Where to buy live red king crab in Norway

Frozen / Live Red / Alaskan King Crabs

Frozen / Live Blue King Crabs
Alaskan Blue King Crab Legs & Claws

Frozen King Crab Legs /Frozen King Crab Claws

Buy Fresh Salmon Fish From Norway

Frozen / Live / Boston Lobsters
Lobster Cocktail Claws